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Welcome to Gryffindor Carpet Cleaning

We are a London-based carpet cleaning company that specialises in professional carpet cleaning, stain removal, upholstery cleaning and stone and hard floor cleaning. Being based in London we can cover all surrounding areas

This service is provided throughout London only using Eco-friendly, non-toxic products. Professional carpet cleaners, trained by the leading training facility in the South of England.

Upholstery cleaning 

We clean all types of fabrics, sofas, chairs, couches, footstools including corner sofas anything covered in fabric that you cant get in the washing machine or is too delicate.

For each item, we work on we choose a specific solution best suited to that fabric and the soiling condition.

Then we spray the fabric and gently agitate the solution to break down the oils and soiling that is trapped.

After this process, we then use a specialist hand tool called a Sheardry that has an enclosed head that sucks the fabric into it then jets water through the fabric rather than using jets that have a tendency to over wet the cushioning leading to longer dry times and other problems.

Once we have completed we will use fans to complete the drying process if needed.

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