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Carpet cleaning

We use the most advanced processes to deep clean your carpet, to remove soil, odor, and stains. Our technician will thoroughly inspect the carpet before carrying out any work. They will identify potential stains and advise of expected results. Dry soil will be removed, using a powerful upright vacuum. Cleaning agents will be applied to breakdown traffic area soil, then a carpet groomer is used to further loosen the soil. The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed with a powerful extraction cleaning system. Once completed, our technician will inform you of the results and suggested aftercare.

End of tenancy

Our team will provide a specialist deep clean of your rented account before the new tenants move in, or before your agreement comes to an end. Each room is thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom.

All skirting boards, electrical sockets, shelving will have all traces of dust removed,

Limescale will be removed from taps, sinks, showers, baths, and toilets.

All kitchen cupboards are cleaned inside and out. Windows will be professionally cleaned.
Any white goods in the property will also be fully cleaned.

All flooring will be cleaned and any carpets cleaned using powerful vacuums. If necessary deep cleaned at an extra cost. We will endeavor to leave the property back to its original clean state.

Upholstery cleaning

We start by using a powerful vacuum, working the nozzle deep into crevices creases and folds to ensure removal of all dirt dust and fluff. All marks are tested with a spot cleaner to identify if spillages are spots or stains. Stains are pre-treated with a stain removing the agent, cleaning solutions are applied then vacuumed with a wet and dry cleaner with as many passes as needed to remove all moisture.

A dual sanitiser and deodoriser are fogged against the upholstery to kill any bacteria that may breed in the damp areas.

Oven cleaning

All ovens are professionally cleaned by Eagle Eye Oven Cleaning.

They start by removing all racks shelves and any removable internal panels and place these in a heated dip tank containing soap based bio-friendly detergents for an hour or so, then they heat the oven up and scrape clean the door, then move inside ovens and scrape scour and soap until clean, lastly bringing everything back in for a final polish.

Hobs are Also cleaned in the dip tank.

Extractors are cleaned using powerful degreasing agents.


First, the driveway will be cleared of all objects such as bins and plant pots.
Then a stiff bristled brush is used to clear any dirt and debris. Degreasers are applied to loosen any accumulated stains. Our power washers are used in a symmetrical pattern overlapping each stroke to ensure full coverage of the driveway.

We also offer a mold prevention solution which will prevent microorganisms such as mold, Moss, and bacteria’s forming.

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Spent some extra time having to scrub all the dirt from my oven. Made sure he got it all off, really impressed

Very competitive considering the effort that was put in. I liked that he took the oven apart and soaked it in a solution! Very unusual but it got all the burnt on dirt off!

I needed to get my filthy oven back to its original look before handing the flat back to my landlord. Did a top top job!

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