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Carpet cleaning

We use the most advanced processes to deep clean your carpet, to remove soil, odor, and stains. Our technician will thoroughly inspect the carpet before carrying out any work. They will identify potential stains and advise of expected results. Dry soil will be removed, using a powerful upright vacuum. Cleaning agents will be applied to breakdown traffic area soil, then a carpet groomer is used to further loosen the soil. The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed with a powerful extraction cleaning system. Once completed, our technician will inform you of the results and suggested aftercare.

Sofas & Upholstery cleaning

Have you ever Wondered How we Clean and deodorise your upholstery, sofas couches footstools and general upholstery  in and around the Wimbledon area?

We pride ourselves on attention to detail to give your upholstery the most thorough clean possible.

Steps we take to make your Upholstery Look clean and smell Great.

Step 1. A visual inspection of your upholstery.

checking for any stains, problem areas, and the type of fabric that the upholstery is manufactured from, we can then choose the appropriate method to clean your sofa or upholstery.

Step 2. A thorough vacuuming.

This removes all the dust, crumbs, and hairs that has built up over time.

Faux suede sofa cleaned

Faux suede sofas cleaned & Deodorised

Step 3. Choosing the correct solution.

This part is very important as different fibres react differently to each solution where possible we aim to use Eco-friendly to break down the oils and soiling that has built up when used.

Step 4. applying solution onto upholstery

We use a sprayer and upholstery brush to apply the solution this will help to breaks down all the oils and soiling and removes any stains, all ready for our next step.

Step 5. Rinsing

We start the machine up and rinse all the soiling and solution using plain water and a rinse agent that protects against colour loss and also breaks down any detergents you may have used to clean up spills as detergents attracts dirt and causes rapid re-soiling .

Rinsing is a very important part of upholstery cleaning as it removes all built up toxins ,our Airflex cleaning system machines hold 55 Litres of water which is heated which is used in conjunction with a sheardry hand tool that has dozens of small holes that allow the fabric to be rinsed but not wet the cushions

Once completely rinsed your sofa ,upholstery we will give it  a towel dry to help with the drying process, it will be slightly damp ,if you have a fan or dehumidifier the upholstery will be dry in 3 hours without a fan it will take slightly longer.

Did you know that cleaning a 3 piece suite or corner sofa will take us longer to clean than a full house of carpets , this is because your upholstery is made of finer fabrics and needs careful cleaning  which needs good training and attention to detail to clean them to the highest standard .

We also supply upholstery protection ,this creates a invisible shield around the upholstery fabric which protects against staining and wear a very worth while investment on  your furniture which has a high purchase price.

For all you upholstery cleaning needs whether its a chair ,sofa,couch or any upholstered item.

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